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acapulco gold seeds

The Acapulco gold seed is for collection purposes only. In its natural environment, the seed generally grows into a large plant that has a fruity flavor. Due to its sativa dominant nature, the Acapulco Gold strain is a balanced hybrid that is supportive for a sense of calm as well as inspiration. The effects are said to be long-lasting, as it initially tends to facilitate stress release before an upbeat buzz begins to take over.

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Acapulco Gold’s THC levels are usually tested between 15 and 20 %, which is an average THC content for many strains. The CBD content, however, is lower than average and is generally recorded as >1%. As for terpenes, the Acapulco gold strain typically contains significant levels of Caryophyllene (which awards the strain its spiciness), Limonene (a fruity, citrus scent), and Myrcene (the herbal, earthy, woody scent).

Acapulco Gold Cannabis Seeds from Barneys Farm Seeds

Another typical characteristic of this sativa leaning strain is the pleasant taste that usually accompanies it. With a sweet, musky, and woody earthiness, this strain is a unique blend of both sweet and spicy notes. The Acapulco Gold strain is a contrasting blend of scents that is surprisingly complimentary. Even the mature plant itself budding with fresh flowers has a pleasant aroma.

Acapulco Gold Strain Information

Acapulco Gold strain is another one of Barneys Farm’s famously fantastic strains. In an era where the marijuana industry is brimming with potential and expansion, Barneys Farm has become well known as genetic master breeders who push the boundaries that supposedly surround marijuana genetics.

But if you want to know a little more about the strain, let’s show you why you should buy your Acapulco gold seeds today; in other words, what makes Barneys Farm so excited about this strain?

Acapulco gold seeds

Acapulco Gold is a mostly Sativa variety with a flowering period of around 10 to 11 weeks. It rewards us with spectacular buds coated with resin glands.

Acapulco Gold is a legendary marijuana strain from Acapulco (Mexico). It has been grown in Central America since 1965.

The taste is fruity and very intense, while the effect is deeply relaxing and long-lasting.

Acapulco Gold is available in packs of 5 and 10 feminised seeds.