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abomination seeds

Abomination seeds

By finding each skull, you will receive the following achievements:

This page is part of IGN's Back 4 Blood Wiki guide and explains where to find all Golden Skulls in Back 4 Blood's campaign. There are 10 Golden Skulls throughout the game, and each skull can be found hidden in certain chapters.

With that being said, here are the locations of all 10 Golden Skulls in Back 4 Blood, in chronological order, according to the campaign.

Abomination seeds

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  • Desktop : Sprite updated. Old sprite was: .
  • Desktop 1.2.4 : No longer requires Obsidian or Crispy Honey Blocks and no longer needs to be crafted at an Altar.
  • Desktop 1.2 : Introduced.

The Abeemination is an item used to summon the Queen Bee boss. It can only be used in the Jungle or Underground Jungle. Attempting to use it outside of these biomes will have no effect and will not consume the item.

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