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600w led grow light for weed

600w led grow light for weed

Here are those same plants at week 6 of flowering under the ES300 LEDs

HLG 65 V2 Quantum Board (all versions work well from seed to harvest)

HLG 550 Quantum Board (R-Spec spectrum recommended)

Which LED grow light brands can be trusted?

Average Yields: 5-11+ ounces – keep in mind that the strain (genetics) and any plant training you do makes a huge difference in your final yields

Actual Power Consumption: 202W

2.) Traditional Panel

Grow Space: 4.5×4.5’ coverage at 32” (suitable for vegetative stage) and 3.5×3.5’ coverage at 24” (suitable for flowering stage)

Examples of buds grown under the ViparSpectra PAR 450 by “M”

600w led grow light for weed

LED lights are exceptionally bright and will provide the plants with sufficient light all throughout their life cycle.

I’d recommend the latter because it’s going to be much more simple to set it up and it’s probably going to cost you less money. Not to mention the hassle of maintaining several lamps instead of one.

Types of grow lights

Also, be aware that there are LEDs that are made solely for one growing phase, so they will not be optimal for the entire lifecycle of the plants.

Easy to operate & reach maximum results

Light spectrum

And so on, you get the math.

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