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45w led grow light weed

You can search my name and look thru my earliest threads, there aren’t many over the last 2 years, probably less than 10. The fridge is in there, using Cree Warm White and Cool White LED bulbs from Home Depot. I would say I averaged anywhere from .5-.75 grams/watt. over the few grows I did do.

To some extent yes. because on one hand you can breed something with 25% thc and yield offspring with potentially more, so yes that is a genetic process, when you got to flower, genes don’t change. so yes in flower, its limit, is it’s limit and your skill level accordingly will make it shine!

Generally yes, but really it is light, nutrients, air content and water all Together, that give you the best results taken in context of each other. sometimes for each strain that can be different. no one can tell you how to feel that out, but at least someone can provide a little guidance and say start Now and you will get a feel towards your strains, especially after a few runs!

As of right now. those 55watts were replaced by 25 watts of 3500k Bridgelux Vero 10’s. which have flowered [once] and now are vegging. I am kinda of an LED fan, don’t mind me

45w led grow light weed

If you do not use the controller, you can adjust the intensity by raising and lowering the lights:

For professional installations, California Lightworks can prepare a computerized light plan which can present the best light orientation in any environment.

Again, these are general guidelines. Discuss the ideal distances with your manufacturer and keep an eye on your plants for signs that you’re overloading them. If your plants are getting too much light intensity, they’ll let you know. Here’s how:

Flowering Stage

Veg – 36 inches

A nitrogen deficiency has similar characteristics, but there are a few notable differences.


*In all cases, adjust the light intensity to best suit your plants – they will let you know when they are happy!

The SolarSystem series features narrow light angles and higher power so these lights are designed to hang higher than other LEDs. A digital spectrum controller is available which allows you to dim the lights rather than raising or lowering them. This is the best option and avoids constant raising and lowering of the lights.

45w led grow light weed

Yes, the price point of this light is quite high, but after I took a good look at it – I think it might just justify it.

This grow light is a collection of 100 LEDs, each with a power of 10 watts in power. They are mostly red in color, and this light is extremely bright for its relatively small size, with decent coverage to boot.

For starters, it’s basically two tubes full of LEDs connected to a stand/clamp through flexible goosenecks. You can adjust them to light any area you might want with ease.

12. Ankace Grow Light 40W Grow Lights for Indoor Plants

Fluorescent lights are usually good at 10 to 15 inches if they’re below 400 watts, lights of around 400-600 watts need to be kept at 15 to 25 inches and lights stronger than that should be at least 20 to 30 inches away.

Despite the power, it doesn’t generate a lot of heat at all and the two cooling fans on the back work quietly and efficiently to reduce the heat to minimal levels.

Stay Cool

No matter the lifespan of the light, always try to get one that has a good warranty attached to it, so you’re secured in case the light fails right out of the box, or something unexpected happens.

It also has a lot of power – don’t let the 900-watt power fool you; it seems more powerful than some lights with 1000+ watts.