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3Chi's largest in store + online retailer in Indiana, shipping to the US. CBD, Delta 8, hemp-derived delta 9, HHC cannabinoids. Gummies, Vapes, and more. D8 Super Store has a comprehensive range of 3chi products. From gummies to delta 8 cartridges and disposable to tincture and much more, we provide high quality 3chi stock. 3Chi is one of our best selling brands. Shop now! Experience the next level in hemp products with our Dispensary Grade Delta 9 THC Gummies. Prepare to elevate your mind, body, and spirit with 3CHI’s full-spectrum Delta 9 Gummies Fast Acting 10mg Delta 9 THC Gummies Dispensary Grade Potent & Long Lasting Vegan & Cruelty-Free | No Animal Gelatin Made from 100% O

3 Chi CBD Gummies

3Chi, without a doubt, is one of the top brands in our store, one of the biggest names in the hemp-derived cannabis arena, and a brand that we at Humanity Health CBD trust wholeheartedly, and are proud to offer to our customers.

3Chi Delta 8

To the best of our knowledge, 3Chi was the first brand to bring hemp-derived Delta 8 THC to the market , this back in 2019 when our store, like most, carried exclusively CBD products. Since 3Chi and Humanity Health CBD are both Indianapolis-based businesses, we’ve always had a great relationship with 3Chi, who did a fantastic job educating us on the legality of delta 8 THC products. 3Chi is a trusted brand that we trust and lean on for education, and their products remain a top-seller in our store.

3Chi Delta 8 Gummies

Whether you’re new to delta 8 or you’re an expert, we carry 3Chi delta 8 gummies in various quantities, flavors, and combined with other cannabinoids. If you’re tentatively interested in 3Chi delta 8 gummies, we offer 50mg delta 8 gummies , two gummies per pack, each gummy contains 25mg delta 8 THC, which is a fairly standard dose. Those gummies are available in black raspberry, and watermelon flavors. If you already know you enjoy 3Chi delta 8 gummies, we offer those same flavors ( black raspberry , and watermelon ) in 400mg packs, again 25mg per gummy. If you’re looking for a 3Chi delta 8 gummy to help with sleep, we offer 3Chi’s Comfortably Numb , each 16 count bag containing a total of 200mg delta 8, and 200mg CBN, a cannabinoid similar to CBD, but known to promote sleep. Another new 3Chi product we carry is 3Chi delta 8 + THCv gummies, which may help reduce stress, and appetite. As with all THC products, we recommend the low and slow approach. If you’re absolutely new to THC there’s nothing wrong with cutting a 25mg gummy in half (or even quarters), and having that be your dose for the day so you can better learn the timing and dose that works best for you.

3Chi Carts

3Chi’s Focused Blend CBD carts are pretty awesome, but we have to say 3Chi’s delta 8 carts are where it’s at! 3Chi’s delta 8 carts are currently available in 510 threaded 1ml carts that work with breath and button activated vaporizers. These 3Chi carts are available in indicas, sativas, and hybrids, meaning you can select a cart that best fits your needs. If you’re interested in a cannabis strain to help you feel more creative, energetic, and uplifted, Blue Dream might be a good fit. If you’re like me, and you’re not a big fan of flying, and could use a cannabis strain to help you sleep the night before a flight, or relaxy you during the flight, Granddaddy Purple would be a strain to look into. Cannabis strains, while their names can often be silly (we get it), the strains tell you a lot about the effects you will feel, and the flavors you can expect to taste and smell. We definitely understand that a vape product is not something all of our customers are interested in using, the biggest benefit to using a vape product is that vape is more of an instant gratification product that offers you a bit more control over your dosing. Gummies, edibles, and tincture oils can sometimes take hours before you feel anything, which sometimes leads to users taking an additional dose that is not necessary, whereas vapes are fantastic for a situation where you could use more immediate relief.

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3Chi Delta 9

3Chi is new to the hemp-derived delta 9 thc arena, introducing their first line of dispensary grade, hemp-derived delta 9 gummies on 4/20/2022 . If you’re unfamiliar with delta 9 thc, delta 9 is the cannabinoid most commonly associated with the feeling of “getting high,” thus when you visit a state like Illinois where medicinal and recreational marijuana are legal, that product is most definitely delta 9 THC. According to the 2018 Farm Bill, a hemp-derived product can contain 0.3% or less delta 9 THC on a dry weight basis. Full spectrum CBD products like edibles, tinctures, and vapes have always contained similar ratios of delta 9 THC, but it wasn’t until recently that brands like 3Chi began to focus on ways to increase the amount of hemp-derived delta 9 available per product. Same math, different advertising.

3Chi HHC

HHC (Hexahydrocannabinol) is a cannabinoid thought to be similar to Delta 8 THC, and while HHC is naturally occurring in small amounts, HHC is generally created by chemists by adding hydrogen to THC in literally the exact same way you add hydrogen to vegetable oil to make margarine, which is why one might read that HHC is to THC what margarine is to butter. SCIENCE! HHC is one of the newest cannabinoids available today, and 3Chi reports that HHC’s effects leave you feeling happy, calm, and social. While HHC is advertised to be THC-Free, and in compliance with the 2018 Farm Bill, we can not guarantee that HHC will not cause you to fail a drug test that screens for THC. In states where Delta 8 THC products are illegal, we’d encourage you to check out r/altcannabinoids , r/CBD , and r/delta8 just to name a few. While we welcome you to do your own research online, we’ve culled some positive 3Chi comments from Reddit, and posted them for you with credit to the users below:

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“They are one of the most reputable delta 8 brands.”

“Absolutely love their products.”

“Yep 3chi is one of the best if the not best d8 brand IMO”

“I just got my first order and I’m really impressed. Seems very smooth to me though. I didn’t think it was harsh at all. I’ve ordered from a few companies and I will say theirs (3Chi) was the fastest for sure.”

“Found a 3chi cartridge at a vape shop. I used to smoke weed a lot but stopped cause it started to give me anxiety. CBD never did it for me, never felt any changes. Was afraid 3chi was gonna be the same thing but I actually love it. I feel baked but don’t have to deal with a head high or anxiety anymore.”

“I tried one of these gummies last night for the first time. I had been a daily smoker for years but stopped cold turkey for a number of reasons back in August. I was absolutely melted into my bed- felt great!”

“Yes dude. I have been telling my friends and coworkers about Delta 8 for the pass 2 weeks. Delta 8 is amazing. especially 3Chi is so good.”

3 Chi CBD Gummies

We are excited to bring 3Chi Delta-8 THC items at the best price. Our store has a comprehensive range of 3Chi products including delta 8 gummies, cartridges, disposables, and more.

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3Chi Berry White (CDT) 1g Delta 8 Cartridge

3Chi Blackberry Kush (CDT) 1g Delta 8 Cartridge

3Chi Cali-O (CDT) 1g Delta 8 Cartridge

3Chi Caribbean Dream 1g Delta 8 Cartridge

3Chi Clementine (CDT) 1g Delta 8 Cartridge

3Chi Garlic Jam (CDT) 1g Delta 8 Cartridge

3Chi Gary Payton (CDT) 1g Delta 8 Cartridge

3Chi Gelato 1g Delta 8 Cartridge

3Chi Gelato #41 (CDT) 1g Delta 8 Cartridge

3Chi God’s Gift (CDT) 1g Delta 8 Cartridge

3Chi Golden Ticket (CDT) 1g Delta 8 Cartridge

3Chi Granddaddy Pluto (CDT) 1g Delta 8 Cartridge

3Chi Granddaddy Purple 1g Delta 8 Cartridge

3Chi Green Crack 1g Delta 8 Cartridge

3Chi Grenadine 1g Delta 8 Cartridge

3Chi Girl Scout Cookies 1g Delta 8 Cartridge

3Chi Guava Jam 1g Delta 8 Cartridge

3Chi Incredible Hulk 1g Delta 8 Cartridge

3Chi Lemon Crush (CDT) 1g Delta 8 Cartridge

3Chi Lemon Fuel (CDT) 1g Delta 8 Cartridge

3Chi Lemon Gelato (CDT) 1g Delta 8 Cartridge

3Chi London Pound Cake (CDT) 1g Delta 8 Cartridge

3Chi Melonatta (CDT) 1g Delta 8 Cartridge

3Chi Mimosa (CDT) 1g Delta 8 Cartridge

3Chi Northern Lights (CDT) 1g HHC Cartridge

3Chi OG Kush 1g Delta 8 Cartridge

3Chi Orange Cookies (CDT) 1g Delta 8 Cartridge

3Chi Orange Cream (CDT) 1g Delta 8 Cartridge

3Chi Pancakes (CDT) 1g Delta 8 Cartridge

3Chi Pineapple OG (CDT) 1g Delta 8 Cartridge

3Chi Pineapple Cake (CDT) 1g Delta 8 Cartridge

3Chi Pineapple Express 1g Delta 8 Cartridge

3Chi Pink Rozay (CDT) 1g Delta 8 Cartridge

3Chi Purple Punch (CDT) 1g Delta 8 Cartridge

3Chi Remedy OG (CDT) 1g Delta 8 Cartridge

3Chi SFV OG (CDT) 1g Delta 8 Cartridge

3Chi Sour Tangie (CDT) 1g Delta 8 Cartridge

3Chi Snowman (CDT) 1g Delta 8 THCV Cartridge

3Chi Strawberry Napalm 1g Delta 8 Cartridge

3Chi Sunset Sherbet (CDT) 1g Delta 8 Cartridge

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3 CHI – Delta 9 THC Gummies (10mg)

Using delta 9 THC from natural and organic hemp, these Delta 9 THC gummies have the same potency as what you’d find in a dispensary but are farm bill compliant and federally legal! Finally a premium quality delta 9 product everybody from coast to coast can experience. We’re once again breaking new ground with these one-of-a-kind edibles, and we hope you’ll embark on this experience when you try the best THC gummies. Get ready to discover true canna-bliss with 3CHI.

NOTE: The full-spectrum hemp oil can give a bitter hemp taste to the gummies. For those who don’t enjoy the hemp flower taste we recommend having a tasty beverage on hand to help wash the flavor away!

What are Delta 9 THC Gummies?

3CHI’s Delta 9 THC Gummies are a tasty fruit treat infused with the power of high potency Delta 9 THC. What Makes These Gummies So Special? Not only are our Delta 9 THC gummies dispensary grade, they are also made from natural USA-grown hemp. This means they fall under the 2018 farm bill and are 100% federally legal thc edibles – available for purchase online . Each delicious gummy is packed with potent, pure, and lab tested Delta 9 THC, ensuring that you get the best experience that Delta 9 THC has to offer.


Delta 9 THC has both purposeful and pleasurable benefits when used recreationally by most people, especially with gummies as pure and potent as these. Delta 9 THC has the main ingredient in cannabis products used by people who either hold a card for medical cannabis or live in a state where the cannabis industry has been legalized.

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