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2×2 weed grow

2x2 weed grow

You can do it yes. I did 3 plants in same 2×2 before, 2 of 1 strain, and 1 of another. To make it work you will need to flower the plants when they are pretty small (im guessing 6-8"). Expect them to double in radius when you flip to flower and get 2-3x as tall depending on strain. You will probably need to do some LST to make them stay out of each others way and fill your space better.

The biggest problem may be light and heat.

If this is your first grow you
Are taking on a big task.

Lots of unknowns with dif strains and to add size restrictions you will likely spend a lot of time guessing WTF just happened.


I wouldn’t recommend it though. It becomes really challenging because each strain will need different light intensity, nutrients, and training. If you do run more than one plant, ideally they are all clones from the same mom, so that they grow similarly. Even different phenos of the same strain can grow very differently.

4′ is short for lights and ventilation AND still have room for mature plants.

4′ is short for lights and ventilation AND still have room for mature plants.

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Can it be done? Yes.

I think ill go for 2 medium sized plants. Do you think this is a good pairing? Thanks again Chumb

Lack of interest towards air and temperature control leads them to a significant yield drop.

Now, let’s explore these primary deciding factors one by one.

Now let’s talk about the output of CFL lights.

Now, let’s find out the best light for 2×2 grow tent yield-

Use the ScrOG Method

We have gathered up some tips for you that might come in handy while growing. These are your final cards on the table for maxing out the yield count. So, let’s explore these-

After using this method, you’ll be surprised to see a yield rise of 10%-20%.

Ans: With the right mix of HID and LED lights, you can grow up to 0.5 pounds or 227 grams.

2×2 Yield under Different Light Types

Here’s the thing-

There’s more to light setup for grow space. But we are only discussing light power and light type here.

2x2 weed grow

I vote dwc hydro to cut 2 weeks off veg, scrog to maximize tops, 1 plant, start a clone in a bucket like you say, maybe an aerocloner, keep a mother in bucket 2, pull the LEDs out of the roleadro and replace with COBs, if we're talking max yields. You can't clone autos of course, and if we're talking max yields autos probably won't fill a scrog.

1 large plant in a 5 gallon pot? 2 medium plants? 4 medium to small plants? Should I get into cloning in a bucket then scogr with lots of clones at once rushing to flower?

That grow looks amazing. You really killed it.

This is my last grow It started off as 4 plants, but i chopped one on day 45, the other three filled in the canopy very well.

Check my post to see how they've had restricted growth. Next time I'm doing one and training it well.

PS. Preferably use feminised Indica seeds

If you're doing scrog and want a big plant quickly, you're not topping, fimming, mainlining.

My goal is to be able to supply friends and family so trying to achieve 4-6oz a harvest.

i grow in a 2×2, i grow 3-4 plants at a time and average 10-12oz per harvest. i like having multiple plants incase i get a shitty runt i want to cut it doesn't mean starting from seed again, i can just let one of the other girls fill out.