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22 seeds

Usually evergreen, drought tolerant : needle shaped leaves, thick cuticle, stomata sunk in pits.
The stem gets wider ( secondary growth ) due to the cambium which produces xylem on the inside of the stem and phloem the outside.

Seed plants are well adapted to life on land :
a) have pollen , carried by wind or animals, instead of sperm.
b) do not have a separate gametophyte plant, instead the female gametophyte is protected inside the seed.
c) seeds are much larger than spores, with big food reserves so they can live much longer before germinating.

Gymnosperms have naked seeds ( not surrounded by the ovary ). They do not have any flowers, instead the seeds are produced in cones . They are the earliest seed plants that evolved. Gymnosperms (such as pine trees) are usually wind pollinated . Present day gymnosperms are divided into four phyla:

Examples : genus Cycas (Sago palm) Sago palm. Commonly planted in Florida, it is native to Asia.
Zamia (Coontie, or Arrowroot). This is native to Florida. The Timucuan tribe of North Florida ground up the roots of this plant to make bread.

4) Phylum Coniferophyta (conifers)

Ginkgo is claimed to be useful in treating Alzheimer’s disease, although more testing is needed.

Over 700 species still exist. Conifers are often the dominant trees in cold climates eg Canada. The stem is strengthened with lignin , so they can grow very tall.

Wind pollinated ; pollen tube grows all the way to the egg. Usually bisexual ( or monoecious ): each tree produces small male cones and large, long lived female cones.

1) Phylum Gnetophyta

Only 1 species survives : Ginkgo biloba . Native to China, it has remained almost unchanged for almost 300 million years. It is dioecious and has triangular leaves are deciduous. Sperm are released from the end of the pollen tube (as in cycads).
Ginkgo is resistant to air pollution, so is planted in many cities. The seeds smell very bad (like rotting meat), so typically only the male trees are planted.

Pseudoephedrine is used in some cold medication (also used in making methamphetamine).

(20) “Post-harvest sample” means a representative sample of the form of hemp taken from the harvested hemp from a particular lot's harvest that is collected in accordance with the procedures established by the commissioner;

(2) “Agricultural seed” means any kind of crop seed commonly recognized within this state as agriculture seeds, lawn seeds or combinations of such seeds, including, but not limited to, any grass, forage, cereal, oil or fiber seed. “Agriculture seed” includes any noxious weed seed when the Seed Control Officer determines that such seed is used as an agriculture seed.

(D) The name and address of the person who labeled such seed or who sells, offers or exposes such seed for sale in this state.

(D) The department shall comply with all recordkeeping and reporting requirements in the federal act, and 7 CFR 990.1 to 7 CFR 990.71, inclusive;

(E) The department shall comply with enforcement procedures in 7 CFR 990.6;

(c) The following fees shall apply for a license to manufacture:

(F) Purity as a percentage of pure seed by weight.

(iii) The name and address of the person who labeled such seeds, or who sells, offers or exposes such seed for sale in this state.

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